Universiteit Leiden

Elk jaar besteedt Universiteit Leiden aandacht aan studeren met een functiebeperking en hoe deze speciale groep studenten het beste ondersteund kan worden. Onze vrijwilliger Rebecca mocht hieraan meewerken, wat leidde tot een mooie Instagrampost!

“I often experience situations in which people are fast in judging each other. The problem here is that they aren’t aware that sickness doesn’t have a face and that people can struggle with an invisible disability or illness. By creating awareness, we can make sure that people with a disability feel heard and supported by their environment, lowering the amount of stigma and increasing their quality of life. I would like the subject of disabilities to become a normal topic of conversation – we’re not alone, but sometimes it can feel like that. There seems to be a taboo on talking about disabilities and asking about one’s situation. Having the conversation open and flowing would increase the awareness of disabilities and give us the recognition that we need to flourish.”

POSTED BY Rebecca | jan, 19, 2022 |